Am I the right CV writer for you?

Well, I could tell you all about me, but this process is really about you. It’s about your hopes for the future, and about the mindset and tools you need to take you there. So let’s talk about you. If this resonates and you recognise yourself, we should work together.

You are ready for a big, bold move. You are eager to stand up and take your rightful place, in a role that recognises your skills, your experience, and your potential. Your time is now. Comfortable in your own skin, you’re starting to know who you really are, and to recognise your own worth. You are excited about your future, and ready to embrace it.

You’ve had it with playing it safe, laying the foundations, earning your stripes. You’re done with this level of your career game. You know you have more to give than your current job or career lets you show the world. The move you are considering may seem so brave and bold that it seems like the start of a whole new ladder. This leap is not for the fearless, but you are ready.

You may feel a little scared, but change doesn’t frighten you as much as the possibility you may miss the boat. You don’t want to look back and feel disappointment that you didn’t take this chance. You are braver and stronger than the inner voice that tells you that you can’t, that you are afraid, or that you are not ready.

You ARE ready. You are ready to harness the years of graft, the long hours, the late nights, the jobs you hated, lessons from bad bosses, and learnings from great ones to secure the biggest rung on your career ladder to date. You know you are on the cusp of something big, but your mind is totally focused. You are very clear about what you want and you are 100% committed to getting it. That job is yours, come what may.

You’re ready to blow open the lid on Pandora’s Box, unleashing the power of your successes and the challenges to achieve your ambition. You’ve earned so many career stories along the way, but you’ve left them to gather dust. No more. They will become the chalk you need to grip and secure your next handhold. After all, what’s the point of having developed those stories, having put in the effort, having sweated the tears, if not to use them?

You need your CV to sum up your ambition, the problem you can solve, the unique approach you bring, and lay out the rich patchwork of career stories that evidence your value and potential.

You need your CV to be a first class introduction to a person of quality and substance. You need it to set a vital first impression, and be confident that these two pages of A4 will set you up, not let you down. You need it to carry forward your dreams and ambitions, until you can do it in person.

If you think we are on the same wavelength, then I’d love to work with you.

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Lis McGuire

Lis McGuire

Lis McGuire is a professional CV writer at Giraffe CVs. She has 15 years of experience gained delivering interview-winning CVs and cover letters for professionals at all levels, helping individuals to stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive job market.
Lis McGuire
Lis McGuire