European Languages Jobs discusses the skills multilingual candidates should show on their CV:

When looking for a job you may have noticed that companies tend to recruit people who are able to speak more than one language. No doubt English is required in almost every single company that operates in an international environment, but speaking another language fluently will give you extra points during the recruitment process. Nowadays, proficiency in languages such as German, Dutch, Norwegian and Spanish are highly regarded, so if you can speak one of these, you are probably ahead of the game.

However, a poorly-written CV can make you lose the advantage you’ve gained before, and therefore we have collected some tips to help you highlight your multilingual skills and make your CV stand out from the crowd:

Emphasise Your Experience Abroad:

You picked up the language by spending some time abroad. It may have been during an Erasmus program while in University. Or maybe you took a gap year after graduating. Maybe you used to live there when you were a child. No matter what the reasons are, if you are fluent in a language because of an experience abroad, you should have a special section for it on your CV.

In this particular section, you need to mention the following aspects:

The time you spent in that country: Remember that even a one-month exchange is enough to be improve your language skills.

The courses regarding the language you attended: Were the lessons entirely taught in the local language? If so, state that in your CV, as recruiters give importance to education in a foreign language.

The kind of activities you took part in. Being socially active almost certainly helped you integrate into the country’s society and explore its culture. So you probably have gained some experience that can be useful in your job search.

Relate The Skills You Have Acquired:

Once you have mentioned the specific details of your experience abroad, make sure that you highlight the knowledge you have acquired during that time. It may be useful for the job offers you are applying to. Here you have some examples of skills that you usually have after spending some time abroad:

Motivated: Making the decision to move to another country, especially if another language is spoken there, takes courage and determination. Make sure this word appears on your resume and you will increase your chances of being called for an interview.

Independent and responsible: When living alone, you get used to dealing with responsibilities on a daily basis and you learn how to prioritise what is important. These two skills are also very valuable at work and employers will take them into account during the recruitment process.

Open-minded: Spending time abroad helps you to understand how other people think and embrace their culture. If you wish to work for an international company, do not forget to add this aptitude to your list of skills.

We hope these two tips help multilingual candidates to create a great CV in order to get their dream job. To those of you who have not had an experience abroad, we suggest that you consider the option of spending some time in a foreign country, so that you increase the possibility of being hired by an international company. Good luck with your job search!

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