Love Mary Poppins?  You’ll love our latest Mary Poppins infographic – enjoy!

Are you looking for a jolly holiday summer job, but secretly fearing that your CV may not be practically perfect in every way?

Banish those cares and concerns – Mary Poppins has come to the rescue with her spit spot CV guide to getting a jolly holiday job. As someone who has no qualms or concerns about securing her next role, Mary has decided to take a brief respite from her role as a crack-team nanny to offer some spit spot CV advice. Fresh from the depths of her bottomless carpet bag, Mary shares her very own tips and tricks on presenting a confident and assured CV that will leave your competitors outside in the cold, as you enjoy the warm glow of the interview room.

Mary Poppin’s CV:

Mary Poppins CV Page 1




















Mary Poppins CV Page 2

Mary Poppins’ Spit Spot CV Guide Infographic

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Lis McGuire

Lis McGuire

Lis McGuire is a professional CV writer at Giraffe CVs. She has 15 years of experience gained delivering interview-winning CVs and cover letters for professionals at all levels, helping individuals to stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive job market.
Lis McGuire
Lis McGuire