Have you ever wondered what all the fuss about Pinterest is actually about?

Reported by sharethis.com as the fastest-growing platform for online content sharing, Pinterest describes itself as ‘a tool for collecting and organising things you love.’  See what social media marketer Lisa Whalley-Smith has to say below.

If you are passionate about finding your next role and your career as a whole, then it makes sense to use Pinterest to show your skills, enthusiasm and fit for your dream job.

Join me as I take a look at how you can leverage Pinterest in your job search.

pinterestShow recruiters that your finger is firmly on the pulse

Consistent and able use of any popular social media platforms (in an appropriate context) is a tick in the box for many employers, who want to know that you can embrace new ideas and use them for your own and, ultimately, their advantage.

pinterestDiscover the inside track by following companies you aspire to work with

Aside from demonstrating your social media kudos, Pinterest is a great visual tool to help you understand the passions and direction of your target employer.  Find and follow companies you aspire to work for, then like and repin their pins.  If you feel confident enough, you can even post a comment.  They’ll love the engagement and it’s a great way to get yourself noticed ahead of other candidates.

pinterestConnect with and follow industry leaders

Find and follow industry thought leaders as relevant for your chosen career, and repin their content to your own relevant boards.

pinterestPin your ideal roles or companies

You could consider creating a board of companies you’d like to work for, bosses or colleagues you wish were your own, office locations you’d find inspiring and roles you’d like to try.

pinterestPin your portfolio

Pinterest is a great way to showcase your skills and experience.  If your work has visual appeal, then it’s easy – pin images of the finished results onto well-signposted boards.  If your work is not so visually appealing, then why not get creative with your camera and connect an appealing image related to your work with what you do?  For example, an image of the location you work in, your team members, or something else with visual appeal may work well.

As an example, Giraffe CVs have a board dedicated to our spoof CVs, our own version of a portfolio, which we use to showcase our CV writing skills (and sense of humour!).

pinterestPin to demonstrate industry knowledge

You could pin conferences or industry events you’ve attended, groups that you are party to, journals you subscribe to, quotes from industry leaders, interesting articles, projects that have caught your eye – the list is endless.  This will all help build a positive picture of you as a potential candidate.  After all, if a recruiter is going to check out your social media profiles, as is common practice, why not put something out there you’d like them to see!

pinterestPin your blog posts

If you write a blog which has relevance to your chosen career, you may wish to consider pinning your blog posts as they are published.  As an example, check out Giraffe CVs’ blog board on Pinterest.

pinterestPin your CV

If you are proud of it, you could pin your CV.  However, a word of caution.  Pinterest is a visual network, so an ordinary CV may get lost.  Unless your CV is visually appealing, it may be better to refer interested parties to your LinkedIn profile.

Check out our Infographic / Creative / Design CVs board for examples of CVs with design appeal.

pinterestPin your aspirations

Why not show your ambition by pinning about your targets for the next two, five or 10 years?  Or create a board dedicated to iconic individuals you aspire to emulate, or projects you’d love to be involved with… the opportunities are varied and offer you the chance to show your creativity and personality.

pinterestPin your interests

Pinning activities that interest you is a good way to show your all-round value as a candidate.  Aha, recruiters might say, she likes *insert technical topic of your choice* AND plays golf (for example).

pinterestPin quotes

Quotes are very on trend, and are the type of content that gets repinned time and again.  Repin from other boards or pin your own, you can create them using tools like Pixabay and Picmonkey.  Check out our Quotes We Like Pinterest board for examples we have created ourselves, and our Inspiring Quotes board for examples we have repinned from others.

A note about your own pins

Make sure your images are visually engaging, interesting and just bursting to be repinned and commented on by others, widening your reach and optimising your chances of getting noticed by the right person.

Ensure your pins are appropriately captioned, both in the description and, if possible, by adding a relevant url which links back to your own website or blog, if you have one.  If you are able to add a source url this will stay with your pin, no matter how many times it is shared or how far it goes.

What social media experts are saying

Lisa Whalley-Smith at Klarity Marketing said

“Pinterest is huge…and getting huger. There are 70 million users worldwide and although the UK represents a very small proportion of those users, it is now one of the fastest growing new social media platforms for UK entrepreneurs, consultants, agencies and businesses.

What’s interesting is that in the UK we have adopted Pinterest in a different way to those in the US. Early UK adopters were male and the inquisitive, business savvy types; those who are always on the look out for new channels of communication, new ways to research their market and consumers and new and quick ways to find new clients or business. More females have since jumped on board and spend longer on Pinterest and visit more frequently then our early adopting males.

The rise in visual social media has definitely driven the popularity of Pinterest, Pinterest is a simple form of visual blogging that is quick, easy and looks great! It has been reported 80% of content on Pinterest is re-pinned pins, so generating your own content is the key to success.

I use my pinterest boards as a visual representation of what inspires me, what my interests are and what I believe in. This allows potential clients to get a visual snapshot of who I am and whether they believe we are a good fit work-wise.”

Lis McGuire

Lis McGuire

Lis McGuire is a professional CV writer at Giraffe CVs. She has 15 years of experience gained delivering interview-winning CVs and cover letters for professionals at all levels, helping individuals to stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive job market.
Lis McGuire
Lis McGuire